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Welcome to the Leopard Spots blog.

I’ve created this blog to share my views and experience with topics that I am passionate about with the expectation that others will find it interesting as well.

This is a blog to share my thoughts on beauty & fashion, dining, travel, shopping, and design – all my loves – besides family and friends, of course.  My surroundings and my environment, as well as who I am with, are very important to me.

I named the blog Leopard Spots for many reasons.  First, leopards are one of my favorite animals.  I think they are beautiful and very elegant.  I also love animal prints and enjoy incorporating them in small amounts into fashion and design.  I love all colors but I am most drawn to black and tan and gold; the colors of leopards.  In addition, the spots on a leopard do not change.  I think this is important to note because I believe that the essence and the core of a person is with them for their entire life; I don’t believe you can change people.  I feel strongly that if you are a happy young person you will also be a happy older person.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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