10 Rules That Apply to Decorating and Fashion

There are many similarities with regard to rules when pulling together a fabulous outfit or decorating an inviting room.  Our appearance or the appearance of our surroundings makes all the difference in how we perceive people or enjoy the experience.  It may seem trivial but it is something that cannot be ignored.  Starting off with some basics and then getting into some fun rules, here are ten rules that correspond to both fashion and decorating:

1. Classic pieces – Investing in quality classic pieces gives us a basic foundation that will stand the test of time without sacrificing style and trends.  By using these pieces as a base and then accessorizing we can make sure we are always current with our mood, trends or theme.  For example a classic couch and chairs for a living room would be comparable to a classic skirt and blouse.  In home decor we can further accessorize the classic pieces with decorations, pillows, throws, color and artwork.  In fashion you can layer over the basic pieces with a trendy jacket or sweater and accessorize with jewelry, a handbag, a scarf, a belt, and shoes.

2. Neutral colors – Just as classic pieces are important so are neutral colors.  Your classic pieces should be in a neutral color.  It sounds boring but it gives you a blank canvas to work off of.  From there you can add pops of color with your accessories in fashion or decorations in home decor.  In decorating this can easily be achieved with color on the walls or on the floor with throw rugs; with pillows and artwork also.  With fashion this can be achieved with shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves,  and belts…and so on.

3. Change with the seasons – By investing in classic pieces and neutral colors you can easily change with the seasons or the latest trends.  Again, the addition of accessories and decorations will make all the difference in creating the look you desire.

4. Be careful with scale – Probably one of the more important rules to creating a look is to make sure everything is scaled to fit.  This goes for fashion as well as home decor.  Clothes should fit just right – not too big and not too small.  The same holds true for furniture.  Bulky over-sized furniture in a small room can ruin the entire look and flow of the room.  It might be hard to resist purchasing something you love, but if it doesn’t fit properly it’s not going to work!

5. Create focal points – Focus on the areas you want to accentuate.  In design there is usually an architectural point or a piece of furniture you want to stand out and be the focal point in your room.  It could be a beautiful piece such as an antique armoire or an intricately detailed fireplace.  You will want to design the room around this.  With fashion you will want to focus on the part of you that you want to accentuate.  It could be your neck or waist or your legs – or whatever your best features are.

6. Use of color – In home decor and in fashion you should have one primary color for your room or your outfit with one secondary color in smaller amounts.  Accent this with another color with accessories and decorations.  With home decor this is easily achieved with the color of your walls or your artwork.

7. It’s all about the bottom – Shoes and floors that is.  You can make a room or an outfit just by having a floor that stands out or a great pair of shoes.  For floors this could be gleaming hardwood floors, Mexican tiles, French terracotta tiles or beautiful throw rugs that pull everything together.  In fashion this could be a great pair of boots or a colorful pair of pumps.  Whatever it is that reflects your own style!

8. Animal prints – Of course!  For as long as I can remember I have loved incorporating just a touch of animal prints in my home decor and fashion.  With home decor it’s nice to have just one small touch in each room of your house.  For example I have two white on white very subtle animal print rugs in my foyer and I have leopard plates on a plate stand in my kitchen.  In my living room I have a brown and black small-print ottoman and I have a pillow with a similar print on my bed.

9. Scents – Engaging all the senses are important with both fashion and home decor.  The sense of smell is all part of the experience whether it has to do with your own personal scent or the scent of your environment.  I prefer a fresh, clean “just stepped out of the shower” scent personally for myself.  For home decor, I prefer candles that coincide with the particular season.  In addition candles create a beautiful ambiance; one that I am somewhat obsessed with!

10. Reflect your own personal style – The most important rule is to create a style that reflects you and that you are comfortable wearing and spending time in!

Can you think of any other rules that apply to both fashion and home decor?

Abstract Rainbow image by Ajay Mehta
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