Browse, Dream and Splurge on ShopStyle


I have been very busy and I haven’t had time to write a post in awhile so I thought I would write a quick one and tout a website that I love – ShopStyle.

ShopStyle is like going to the mall and browsing through all the stores.  The only difference is you can do it in a fraction of the time and you can do it from ANYWHERE!  And, best of all you can choose exactly what you want to browse since you can search the products by designer, style, color, size, brand, price, and more…they even have a personalization feature allowing you to create your own Stylebooks!  ShopStyle features products and brands from some of the finest stores.  This image is a Stylebook I put together.  I started with the blue leopard top and chose the rest of my outfit from there.  Click on any of the images to find out more information about the pieces.  I love going on there to browse, dream, put together outfits, and to find out where to buy what I want.  Once you find something you like ShopStyle links you directly to the product page on the corresponding store website so you can purchase it.

You should check it out.  How do you like to browse, dream and buy?

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