Penn State Sex Scandal – Priorities Please

I’m going off topic here because this is not a topic that I feel passionate about because I like it but because it happened and I don’t like the way it has been handled.  The objective of my blog is to write about topics I am passionate about and sex scandals and sports do not normally fit that charge.  This time they do!

Most people who know me well know I am not a huge sports fan.  That’s almost embarrassing to admit coming from the Boston area.  I am disconcerted, though, with the news about the sex scandal cover up that occurred at Penn State.   I don’t believe this is sports news; I believe it is news about apathetic people and righting a wrong – and most importantly about the victims.  Students are rioting over Joe Paterno’s resignation and subsequent firing.  The emphasis should be on the sex scandal and the victims; not on Joe Paterno.  Don’t those students have any compassion for the victims of these horrible events?  Let’s forget about Joe the coach and focus on Joe and the others who turned their backs.

I think it is sickening and disgusting that Jerry Sandusky was allowed to get away with victimizing young boys for years.  Anyone who didn’t follow through on being a witness of Sandusky’s actions should be held accountable.  This behavior should not be pushed aside.  It is our moral right.   They must pay for and live with the choices they made.  I hope we are able to get to the bottom of this and expose everyone who was involved in any way.  We need to make sure this is done thoroughly to make a point of how all past and future incidences of this type should be handled and dealt with.

I also believe we should work on awareness campaigns to help children understand when they are violated in any way that this is not right and it is not their fault.  We need to teach them to speak up about what has happened to them.  This is extremely difficult for them so maybe a group of psychologists could come together to help tackle this problem.  And, of course, parents should be discussing this with their kids as well.

For further reading on this issue as well as what to do if you find yourself in this situation please read Mary Dixon’s (of WXRT radio in Chicago) blog post What Then Must We Do?

So…maybe I am a little biased when I would prefer to approach this incident from the criminal point of view rather than from how it has affected sports at Penn State.  I don’t think so though.  Priorities please.

Dove Peace

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