Power Loss – Powerless

I had a bunch of blog topics I was considering to post this week and suddenly I don’t feel they are all that important anymore.  I live in New England and we were hit on October 29th, 2011 with an unusual snow fall of 12 inches or so where I live in Massachusetts.  The trees and the ground were not prepared for this and the trees were left powerless by the weight of the snow causing downed power lines and blown transformers.  We were not prepared for snow as we all prepared for Halloween and Halloween parties.  Many of us haven’t even turned off our outside water or blown out our irrigation systems and my outside fountain was still going!  And…mentally we certainly weren’t prepared for it.  Most of us lost power for days…many are still without power.  It really puts things into perspective and wreaks havoc with your life.  Priorities change but life must go on and things still need to get done.

I enjoy writing about fashion and travel and dining, but all those things are meaningless when you don’t have warm shelter, water or food.  As we enter into the holiday season this is a good reminder for us to think about the people who struggle on a daily basis with obtaining these things that seem so simple to us.  Here’s to a holiday season filled with warmth, love, charitable contributions and good health for all!

October Snow

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  1. Carole Briggs-Helwig says:

    Great post Kerry, and an even better perspective. Glad you are now warm and clean and well-fed. Many do not have the same end to a temporary situation and it’s important not to forget them. Thank you.

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