Dramatic Dining Rooms

What makes a dining room dramatic? It could be the view, or the use of a vibrant or unexpected color, or just the table that makes it dramatic. It could be the view of the surrounding rooms in the house or the spectacular architectural details, the floor…maybe even leather walls…maybe a fabulous chandelier or chairs that stand out or a bold piece of artwork or sculpture. Here is a collection of dramatic dining rooms that encompass one or more of these features. I would love to serve dinner or be served to as a guest in any one of them! Bon Appetit!


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  1. Salome Buba says:

    The most important furniture in the dining room set is the dining table. Hence it is of utmost importance to select a dining table that suits your personality, lifestyle and taste. Like for example, a glass table is best suited for a small dining room as it gives the illusion of spaciousness. Similarly an expandable table is more suited for a small family which happens to invite people over regularly. For big families with many children, it is better to go for wooden tables as they are safe and easier to clean.-”

    All the best to you

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