Conversation Areas


Conversation areas are an important detail to incorporate into your design when decorating your home. When entertaining either a group or just an intimate get together with one other person, it is important to have a place to sit and enjoy each other as well as your surroundings. The seating should be comfortable, you should have enough table space, for drinks of course, and a beautiful vantage point. The vantage point can be a lovely landscape view, a fireplace or a nice view of the rest of your house – the colors, decorations, architecture.

Seating in a conversation area should be close enough to enjoy a conversation with your loved ones or guests so that you can sit back and relax and just enjoy your time together. It’s important to have conversation areas in various areas of your dwelling, including your bedroom. By having them throughout your abode you can sit and relax in many different areas of your home and also have multiple areas for guests to enjoy your home when entertaining many people at once.

I appreciate so many different styles and therefore have created a collection of conversation areas that I would find very comfortable and would enjoy sitting and spending time with others. I can see myself in every one of these areas!

What elements do you feel are most important for your conversation areas?


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