Hearts and Health!

Whiting Davis clutch

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  

Personally I think Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday. We shouldn’t have a holiday to celebrate our love; this is something that should be expressed daily. The heart is a symbol of Valentine’s Day as it is a symbol of love. So, I am going to segue here – to me the heart is also a symbol of life and health. Having your health is so very important. We all have control of our health to a certain extent, but sometimes we don’t have any control over it. Almost everything else in our life is attainable and controllable by choices we make, but sometimes our bodies make decisions for us beyond our control.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the heart symbol I have put together some images of beautiful heart products that just make me happy to look at. What are some of yours?

Here’s to love, happiness and health!









Sydney Evan necklace

Mimco clutch

TIBI top

Betsey Johnson earrings

Kate Spade scarve


Tory Burch earrings


Coach bracelet


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