Leopard Spots Wine!


Yes, I did it! I made Leopard Spots wine!

A friend of a friend opened a wine making business nearby – Vintner’s Circle. There may be one near you. I was a little reluctant at first – after all I have no problem finding wines I like. With each new vintage I love trying all the new wines and I enjoy finding my favorites each year by visiting wineries and going to local wine tastings. Myself and three of my friends decided to do something different and give making our own wine a try anyway. It ended up being a very fun experience and I will probably do it again! It won’t be my main wine source, of course, but it will be a nice complement to my other wine purchases.

The process takes four visits, each two weeks apart. You don’t do a lot at each visit until the last visit when you actually get to bottle it and taste the finished product. It will need to sit a little and it is best to aerate it while it is young, but I have to say the whole experience is very fun. One batch makes about 28 bottles of wine. We each chose a different wine so we can share. I made a chardonnay. I am a little picky about chardonnay’s but this chardonnay is actually very smooth. All together we made an Italian Barolo, a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chilean Cabernet Merlot blend and an Australian Chardonnay. One thing that seems consistent among them all is that they taste very “pure” – probably due to the minimal use of preservatives used to make the wine. I look forward to sampling them all over the next few months to a year or more (if we can hold on to them) and I hope to be back soon to make another batch!

Making your own wine, and being able to design your own labels is a fun process and perfect for weddings, fundraisers, gifts, or even as a wine making gift certificate. Go to Vintner’s Circle to find out more about the process, options and to find a location near you!








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