Haute Hot Tubs

I’ve been gone for awhile and I apologize for the sparseness of my posts. Life has kind of taken over, but things are getting a little better now. Everything seems to go in cycles.

I decided to post about my latest love! I am in love with my hot tub! One of my favorite things is to work out hard – cardio and strength training –¬†and then come home to a gin & tonic and my hot tub! I can’t imagine living anywhere without one. Pools are great, but a hot tub is even better. They are less work than a pool, AND, especially in the Northeast, it is great all year round. Sometimes in the winter it is the only way I can get the chill out of me, and it’s wonderful to grab a cold beer and jump into the hot tub when it is snowing! Lately it has been a nightly routine for me. It’s a great way to soothe your muscles and de-stress. Here are some very creative and beautiful settings for hot tubs. I love all of them! A girl can dream, right? Enjoy the images!


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