Hello! My name is Kerry Hoffman and I was born and raised in the Boston area. In the spring of 2016 I made the move to Naples, FL and I am loving the change!

I originally started this blog to explore SEO and inbound marketing and over time I abandoned it because some life challenges got in the way. Now that things have settled down and I need a little respite from this crazy world I have decided to resurrect my blog.  I am going to go with the flow and create posts based on my current experiences so I may be all over the map (literally)!

In my blog I share my thoughts on beauty & fashion, dining, travel, shopping, and design – all my loves – and I may throw in some fitness and nutrition since that is also a very important part of my life! My surroundings and my environment, how I feel and look, and who I am with, are very important to me. I am also somewhat of a shopaholic…shhhh!  That is just who I am and how I enjoy life. I will try to stay away from the much deeper facets of life here since my goal on this blog is to focus on the fun aspects of life.

894507_10202678464746472_230131409_oI named the blog Leopard Spots for many reasons. Leopards are one of my favorite animals; I think they are beautiful and very elegant. For as long as I can remember I have had an affinity for animal prints and I’ve always enjoyed incorporating them in small amounts into fashion and design. I love all colors but I always tend to gravitate toward black and tan and gold – the colors of leopards.  In addition, the spots on a leopard do not change. I think this is important to note because I believe that the essence and the core being of a person is with them for their entire life; I don’t believe you can change people.  I feel strongly that if you are a happy young person you will also be a happy older person.

I hope you enjoy my blog!Version 2

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2 Responses to About

  1. Gina Darling says:

    I love your name as well love the unique leopard.
    I have always decorated with leopard for as long as
    I can remember. I have a leopard print in every
    fashion basic (shoes, shirt, jacket, coat, scarf, gloves,
    boots…) but never ever wear all your leopard spots
    at the same time! We can leave that one for the
    leopards…I guess you can say all these ideas
    I apply to both fashion and for decorating your
    home…always start from the top to the bottom…
    ceilings, walls, floors, furniture, accessories
    …..shirt, bottoms, shoes, jacket/coat, accessories….
    Rip out looks you love before purchasing items, they
    may not all look good together..Make a collection
    of LOVE ITS and go shopping. You can always get
    close to that designer look without spending a
    fortune it just takes time, good resources, a good
    eye, and patience. Don’t ever compromise… you’ll
    regret it. If you are on a tight budget spend wisely
    …don’t go and get a 10,000,00 chandelier and home
    depot for click and lock flooring…don’t go out
    and buy a pair of $1,000 crystal embellished pumps
    and then get a dress from Wal-mart AND you don’t
    even have a occasion to wear them!! Just like you
    said invest in good quality BASICS…windows, floors,
    furniture. You can always get a light that will
    work till you can afford that chandelier…I have
    made this mistake way too often. Don’t buy into
    every trend, just like those full length fur coats
    don’t go on a girl who is 4ft.10in..if the decor
    trend is high modern with glass, mirror, and black
    it won’t fit your style if your home is victorian.
    ok enough of my blah blah blah…. just my thoughts
    …. thanks for reading them. I actually just went
    on to read your blog…
    I love it…
    keep them coming

  2. Hi Gina,
    Thank you so much for your comments! I love your suggestions. I completely agree with not wearing all your leopard at once! I was recently in Chicago and saw a woman on the elevator dressed in leopard from head to toe…literally! Even on her toenails and fingernails! Way too much! I also like how you added the point of making sure the look fits you with your example of the long fur coat on a 4′ 10″ person. That’s a great point as well as your point of not mixing expensive items with rather inexpensive items such as something from Walmart. And, as you said, it is important to note that you don’t have to always spend a lot to get quality products and the look you want. It does take time and perseverance but sometimes that is half the fun! Thank you for reading my blog. Sign up for email updates on the right hand margin and you will be alerted when I have new posts! I look forward to receiving future comments from you!

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