The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas


I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas in April and decided to stay at the new Cosmopolitan hotel (opened in December, 2010).  It really was an awesome experience!

I had requested a view of the Bellagio fountains and was upgraded to a 1-bedroom, 2-bath suite with a double balcony including a fabulous view of the fountains!  The hotel exudes sex in a classy way – I know, it’s hard to imagine in Las Vegas!  Regardless, there were sex innuendos everywhere but they were very, very subtle.  In fact, it took me a total of four days to find them all – or at least I think I found them all – maybe I will have to go back to find the rest!  I have to admit it took me at least a day before noticing the pictures in my room were quite seductive and the books in the room were very seductive.  On the third day I decided to look for a bible in the drawer – just curious to see if there was one – and found four condoms!

The decor in the hotel is contemporary and updated.  They did a great job but slightly missed the mark on giving the feeling of being completely “cosmopolitan” and chic.   Overall though the ambiance in the hotel is very chic and upbeat including the piped in house music throughout the hotel and in the elevators and the large LCD pillars in the reception area with ever-changing panels.  The pool areas were beautiful as well.  The doors to the rooms are very heavy and do a great job of soundproofing so you don’t hear anything.  All I could hear from my suite was the music from the Bellagio fountains.

The hotel has many restaurants and bars.  The most interesting was the Chandelier Bar which is centered in the middle of all the action.  It is three-stories high and is encased by a large crystal chandelier comprised of about two million crystals.  Each level has a different feel and is scattered with couches and chairs for sitting and enjoying time with others.  With regard to the restaurants, unfortunately I was not feeling well while I was there so I didn’t get to experience all the culinary wonder Vegas, or even The Cosmopolitan, has to offer.

Upon my departure I had to look twice when coming off the elevator.  In the elevator alcove at the lobby level there was a large console table which I had admired all week.  On top of the console was a pile of books.  This time though I noticed that there was a small object on top of the books with two mice.  I walked up closer, trying to take every detail in, and noticed the mice were holding a sign that said “Condoms are Mandatory”!

To top it all off, on the way to the airport I saw a billboard advertising The Cosmopolitan with the slogan: “Just the Right Amount of Wrong”.  I think that pretty much sums it all up!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109-4312
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


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